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benchmark for octave 2.0.5

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: benchmark for octave 2.0.5
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 97 14:15 MET

Sorry if you receive multiple copies, I am writing to both help-octave
and octave-sources.

Since octave 2 is now available in binary distribution form and looks
stable, I would like to upgrade the octave benchmark in order to get
reference times relative to octave 2.0.5 for the Sun Sparc 10 / super
40, which I selected as the reference machine, in analogy with the
reference used for the Spec95 numbers (suggestion by Rick Niles).

So, if someone with a Sun Sparc 10 is willing to run the benchmark on
an unloaded machine, I will send to them the benchmark modified to run
under octave 2.  Once I get the results, I'll code them inside
benchmark.m and publish it, so people can run it on their machines and
we can have an updated performance list of the machines Octave runs

If someone has good reasons why we should change the reference
machine, let us discuss them on octave-sources.

Francesco Potorti` (researcher)        Voice:    +39-50-593203
Computer Network Division              Operator: +39-50-593211
CNUCE-CNR, Via Santa Maria 36          Fax:      +39-50-904052
56126 Pisa - Italy                     Email:    address@hidden

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