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Re: Built-in function for `switch'

From: Guido Dietz
Subject: Re: Built-in function for `switch'
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 11:44:11 +0100

 On Fri, 28 Feb 1997 01:35:57 -0600 you, "John W. Eaton", wrote:
> No.  I have considered adding something like this, but probably with a
> syntax that matches the current language a little better, maybe using 
> switch and endswitch keywords.
> For now, you have to use if/elseif/else/endif.
> I believe that the MathWorks web site mentions that MATLAB 5 supports
> a switch statement.  Does anyone know what syntax it uses?

This is an Xtract from the manual:
switch var
        case 1
        case {2,3,4}                % < This is a Cell Array (new feature)
                disp('2 or 3 or 4');
        case 5
                disp('something else');
NOTE: Unlike C switch does not 'fall through'!

BTW what's about multidimensional arrays ;-? Would that be too hard to

> Thanks,
> jwe


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