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Re: HELP-problems with OS/2-version of Octave

From: root
Subject: Re: HELP-problems with OS/2-version of Octave
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 16:51:56 -0500


 > I have installed Octave/2 2.0.2 and I am having problems with the HELP
 > command.
 > The usual
 > >> help foo
 > will only show the first line of help from any m-file.
 > Am I missing something obvious? This was certainly not the case with 1.1.1.
 > Thanks for any input on this!

I'm unable to reproduce your problem. I tried help popen, help help, help svd,
help hilb, ... everything working fine. Could you send me an example, so that
i can reproduce it.

Klaus Gebhardt [TEAM OS/2]

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