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Subject: mesa-lib
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 97 15:13:39 EST

     Congratulations, Istart to really like Octave!
     But last time I used MatLab I thought: with the Mesa OpenGL clone it 
     should not be to hard to write flexible and powerfull 3D Graphics like 
     the MatLab ones.
     I would like to work on this, but a REALLY have to work on my thesis 
     until August.
     Mesa has the following advantages:
     * It is distributed under GPL
     * It does all the hidden line, hidden surface and perspective 
     calculations, even the rendering with multiple light sources (remember 
     Mathematica(TM) Graphics?)
     * It seems to be quite flexible and produces beautyfull output
     * It runs on most major platforms, Unix, NT, Win95, Mac, Amiga, ...
                               Peter Hopfgartner

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