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Emacs inferior octave and help -i

From: Christian Jönsson ISY/DTR
Subject: Emacs inferior octave and help -i
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 12:44:20 +0100

I just noticed that running octave from within emacs, i.e., issuing the
M-x run-octave from emacs gets octave running in its own buffer. This is quite 
nice. However, when trying to run info, say help -i help, one gets:

octave> help -i help
info: Terminal type "emacs" is not smart enough to run Info.
error: help: unable to find info!
error: evaluating index expression near line 8, column 1

So that's not so nice. Is there anyone out there who has given this a thougt? 
Is the problem really related to ``Terminal type "emacs",'' or might it be 
possible to get emacs to ``catch'' the help -i call, and ``throw'' it as its 
own info buffer within the running emacs session?

BTW, plotting works just as it does ``stand-alone.''

Christian Jönsson                (MIME) E-mail:        address@hidden
ISY/Linköping University               Phone:        +46 13 28 26 53

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