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Re: install script problem with OS/2 version

From: root
Subject: Re: install script problem with OS/2 version
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 09:24:01 -0500


 > - it failed to parse config.sys line if it start with blank spaces.

That's new bug report. I will fix it. Thanks.

 > - it stopped with just blank screen during installation without 
 >    message (I know why.  It was when prompting for a user input, but 
 >    stdio was redirected to NUL in the .cmd script.  Removing screen 
 >    log messages during installation seems to be not a good idea.)

I assume this hapens while unzipping the scripts. I will modifiy this.
Thanks again.

 > - it assumes that INFOPATH is a single path and ends with '/',
 >   but this assumption is wrong. (e.g. INFOPATH=.;d:/lib/gnuinfo)

Thanks for the report.

 > - it tried to delete octave\* files (I unpacked under \math\octave\)

Which files?

 > - Even if config.sys had correct settings, it created new 
 >    config.sys but with wrong duplicated octave paths.

I thought i had fixed this. Could you please send your original config.sys
to address@hidden, so that i can fix this.

 > - I touched .cmd here and there, but it still wasn't perfect.
 >    I didn't bother myself more with this script and decided to go for
 >    manual installation.

This script is far from being perfect, but it helped some Users alot. I can
test the script on only three machines, so there are still bugs unknown.

 > Why do I have "error: No such ..." line in the above?

Maybe the .octave_hist file is missing. 

 > (Where is the proper place for octaverc?  I had it in 
 > octave\scripts\startup\, but copying it to .octaverc or to HOME dir 
 > didn't remove the error message.  However octave is working well.)

The correct place is 'octave\scripts\startup\'. And you should also have
a file .octaverc in your home directory. Is the environment variable

 > However octave is working well.

Glad to hear and a again thanks for your bug reports and suggestions. I will
include them in the next build. 

Klaus Gebhardt [TEAM OS/2]

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