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Re: Feature, not bug

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Feature, not bug
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 22:08:05 -0600

On 28-Nov-1996, Ted Harding <address@hidden> wrote:

: It DOES occur if you do it using the name of a function (user-defined or
: built-in):
:     octave:10> erf.oct
:     erf.oct =
:     panic: impossible state reached in file `' at line 1764
:     error: IOT trap/Abort -- stopping myself...
: So I guess that Heber had a function "non2" which generated data that he
: saved to "non2.oct". The mishap, therefore, seems to be due to how octave
: handles attempts to address structure members of functions. Given the
: error message ("impossible state ... "), this suggests an unforeseen
: case of parsing error.

In any case, this problem appears to be fixed in the current sources:

  octave:1> erf.oct
  error: can't perform structure reference operations for <unknown type> type
  error: evaluating expression



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