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From: voorrips
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 13:14:47 GMT

Hello Octave community,

I just ftp-ed the Octave binaries for Solaris - and they work!

My first try with Octave was to make a hardcopy from a simple plot.
I found that 'set term postscript' gives a black-and-white Postscript file.

My questions are:
- how do I get a color Postscript file?
- how do I get an encapsulated Postscript file?

Aart Voorrips           Email:  address@hidden
                        Phone:  +31 30 2206671
                        Fax:    +31 30 2210407
                        Mail:   K.N.M.I.
                                P.O. Box 201
                                3730 AE De Bilt
                                The Netherlands

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