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Re: Multiple plotting windows and subplots

From: niles
Subject: Re: Multiple plotting windows and subplots
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 96 15:20:15 -0400

> On 14-Oct-1996, Vinayak Dutt <address@hidden> wrote:
> : I don't know if gnuplot 3.5 supports multiple windows for X11 display, but
> : gnuplot 3.6 does. To switch beteween multiple windows, use command
> : 
> : set term x11 <n>
> : 
> : where <n> is the display number index starting from 0. So one can have
> : multiple displays active at the same time.
> There is a figure() function in my current sources that is a wrapper
> for this new gnuplot feature.  Also, Vinayak's multiplot M-files will
> be included in the next release.
> In the long term (version 2.x, x > 0) I would like to make it easy to
> use different plotting packages.  If anyone is interested in working
> on this, send me some mail.

I wrote a patch to the latest GNUplot beta's that will replace the
window manager title on each window from "Gnuplot" to "Figure 1"
or "Figure 2", etc.  If anyone wants it let me know....

        Rick Niles.

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