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Re: Creating Local History Files

From: Mario Storti
Subject: Re: Creating Local History Files
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 14:47:23 -0300

>>>>> address@hidden (Ted Harding) writes:
> Hi folks,
> Using octave-1.1.1, I would like to be able to start up octave in any
> chosen directory and have the history file for that session in the
> directory I start from (or a related one).

Why not puting it in the shell script that calls Octave?

For instance:

if exists ./.octave_hist
    cp ./.octave_hist ~/octave_hist
if exists ./.octave_hist
    cp ~/octave_hist ./.octave_hist

Then, if the directory is not active, you load the last used history,
whereas if it is active you load a history which is local to the

To activate a directory you can do:

cp ~/.octave_hist .

Hope this helps,


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