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octave in uninterruptible state on Alpha

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: octave in uninterruptible state on Alpha
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 96 11:31 MET


  wondering if any one of you has ever seen this happening.  I run
octave via rlogin or remsh on an Alpha 2100.  All (apart from
readline, but that's not important now) went well until one day octave
stopped and refused to show its first prompt.  A ps revealed that
octave was there, in uninterruptible state.  After making some tests,
I now have some 10 octave processes in that state, and I can do
nothing to run octave.  The admin of the Alpha is reluctant to reboot
it, as that is a machine used for long jobs, and rebooting would
inevitably stomp on someone's feet.

Ideas as to why octave blocks and cannot be killed?

Remedies, workarounds?

Thank you.
Francesco Potorti`                  Voice:    +39-50-593203
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CNUCE-CNR, Via Santa Maria 36       Fax:      +39-50-904052(G3)/904051(G4)
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