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MSDOS-port of octave, where?

From: Michael Taeschner
Subject: MSDOS-port of octave, where?
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 12:49:11 +0200 (MESZ)


in the octave docs are two MSDOS-ports of the octave-package mentioned,
using emx and djgpp. 

I hope the emx-port is NOT the one of Klaus Gebhardt, because that one 
runs on OS/2 only.

Can anybody point me to a location, where I can get a binary for MSDOS?
Don't advise me to change the OS, cause I run it fine under linux. My 
problem is, that I need to give it to other people, who can hardly be 
convinced to install another OS... Last alternative would be a port for 
win NT, if there is one.

Any help appriciated,

Michael Taeschner

Student of Engineering Mechanics:
Univ. of Magdeburg: address@hidden
DLR Braunschweig  : address@hidden

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