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Linking problem with GCC 2.7.2

From: John Harding
Subject: Linking problem with GCC 2.7.2
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 17:11:14 -0700

I am having a problem linking octave-1.1.1 using gcc 2.7.2, has anyone run into 
a similar problem. The following 
is the results from the final link. The two patches available were installed 
for gcc 2.7.0 and 2.7.1,
I am not a c++ expert, but using nm it tells me that these symbols are where
they claim to be. For instance setall,

maxwell[/libcruft]{116} !nm
nm *.a | grep setall
[18]    |         0|       0|NOTY |GLOB |0    |UNDEF  |setall_
Symbols from libcruft.a[setall.o]:
[1]     |         0|       0|FILE |LOCL |0    |ABS    |setall.f
[5]     |         0|       4|OBJT |LOCL |0    |4      |GPB.setall.g
[6]     |         8|       4|OBJT |LOCL |0    |4      |GPB.setall.ocgn
[7]     |         0|       4|OBJT |LOCL |0    |3      |GPB.setall.qqssd
[12]    |        36|     256|FUNC |GLOB |0    |2      |setall_

is in the libcruft directory. But it doesn't find it in the link. Assuming I am 
that correctly.

The configuration of my system is :
  Solaris 2.4
  GNU Make version 3.74, by Richard Stallman and Roland McGrath.
  gcc version 2.7.2
  /usr/local/Spro/bin/f77 Sun's Profession F77 compiler

Any ideas would be appreciated,


c++ -c  -I. -I../src -I.. -I../liboctave -I../src -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  
-fno-implicit-templates  -O -g -fno-for-scope
c++ -c  -I. -I../src -I.. -I../liboctave -I../src -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  
-fno-implicit-templates  -O -g -fno-for-scope
c++ -c  -I. -I../src -I.. -I../liboctave -I../src -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  
-fno-implicit-templates  -O -g -fno-for-scope
c++  -I. -I../src -I.. -I../liboctave -I../src -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  
-fno-implicit-templates  -O -g -fno-for-scope -L..   -g -o octave \
acosh.o  arith-ops.o asinh.o atanh.o  data.o  dirfns.o  dynamic-ld.o erf.o 
erfc.o  error.o  file-io.o fnmatch.o getopt.o getopt1.o  gripes.o  help.o  
idx-vector.o  input.o lex.o lgamma.o  load-save.o  mappers.o  octave.o  
octave-hist.o  oct-obj.o  pager.o parse.o  pr-output.o  procstream.o  
sighandlers.o strcasecmp.o strncase.o  strfns.o  symtab.o  sysdep.o  tc-rep.o  
tc-rep-ass.o  tc-rep-idx.o tempname.o  timefns.o tempnam.o  token.o  
tree-base.o  tree-cmd.o  tree-const.o  tree-expr.o  tree-misc.o  tree-plot.o  
unwind-prot.o  user-prefs.o  utils.o  variables.o  xdiv.o  xpow.o  Map.o  
SLStack.o builtins.o \
liboctdld.a ../liboctave/liboctave.a libtinst.a ../libcruft/libcruft.a 
../info/libinfo.a ../readline/libreadline.a ../kpathsea/libkpathsea.a  \
  -ltermcap -lm -lg++
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
setall                              liboctdld.a(f-rand.o)
cfftb                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CMatrix.o)
cfftf                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CMatrix.o)
cffti                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CMatrix.o)
zungqr                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxQR.o)
quiet_nan                           sysdep.o
ddot                                ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dRowVector.o)
dqagi                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(Quad.o)
dqagp                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(Quad.o)
isinf                               mappers.o
dfopr                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CollocWt.o)
ddassl                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(DAE.o)
qzval                               liboctdld.a(f-qzval.o)
zgesvd                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxSVD.o)
getsd                               liboctdld.a(f-rand.o)
zlange                              liboctdld.a(f-expm.o)
dgenunf                             liboctdld.a(f-rand.o)
infinity                            sysdep.o
lsode                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(ODE.o)
dgesvd                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleSVD.o)
qzit                                liboctdld.a(f-qzval.o)
dlange                              liboctdld.a(f-expm.o)
zgehrd                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxHESS.o)
zgeco                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CMatrix.o)
zgedi                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CMatrix.o)
zgeev                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(EIG.o)
zgelss                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CMatrix.o)
ztrsyl                              liboctdld.a(f-syl.o)
jcobi                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CollocWt.o)
dgennor                             liboctdld.a(f-rand.o)
dgeco                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dMatrix.o)
dorghr                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleHESS.o)
dgedi                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dMatrix.o)
zlartg                              liboctdld.a(f-givens.o)
dgehrd                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleHESS.o)
dgeev                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(EIG.o)
dgelss                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dMatrix.o)
dtrsyl                              liboctdld.a(f-syl.o)
zgemm                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CMatrix.o)
zgemv                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CRowVector.o)
dlartg                              liboctdld.a(f-givens.o)
hybrd1                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(NLEqn.o)
zpotrf                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxCHOL.o)
scaleg                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleGEPBAL.o)
zgebak                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxAEPBAL.o)
zgebal                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxAEPBAL.o)
dorgqr                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleQR.o)
dgemm                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dMatrix.o)
dgemv                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dColVector.o)
zgesl                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CMatrix.o)
zgeqpf                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxQRP.o)
zgesv                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxLU.o)
zgeesx                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxSCHUR.o)
zgeqrf                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxQR.o)
hybrj1                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(NLEqn.o)
dpotrf                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleCHOL.o)
dgebak                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleAEPBAL.o)
dgebal                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleAEPBAL.o)
reduce                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleGEPBAL.o)
dgesl                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dMatrix.o)
dgesv                               ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleLU.o)
dgeqpf                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleQRP.o)
qzhes                               liboctdld.a(f-qzval.o)
dgeesx                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleSCHUR.o)
dgeqrf                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(dbleQR.o)
zunghr                              ../liboctave/liboctave.a(CmplxHESS.o)
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to octave
make[2]: *** [octave] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/expl/hogs3/harding/octave-1.1.1/src'
make[1]: *** [src] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/expl/hogs3/harding/octave-1.1.1'
make: *** [all] Error 2

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