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POSIX and Octave (fwd)

From: A. S. Hodel
Subject: POSIX and Octave (fwd)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 16:30:03 -0500 (CDT)

This note is being sent to two  mailing lists, so I need to add detail for

I am attempting to port Octave v. 1.1.1 (a Matlab-like program) to the
MachTen (Macintosh based Unix) environment.  The steps completed thus far are

        * modify the configure scripts to recognize the MachTen/mac
        * recognize the MachTen as POSIX compliant.

The last step is one I am unsure of; I assumed that this was safe
since the sample environment in the MachTen manual and on-line docs
define POSIX=true.  However, this results in a compile time error that
type u_char, defined in /usr/include/sys/types.h, is not properly
defined, since <sys/types.h> lookes like
typedef unsigned char   u_char;
typedef unsigned short  u_short;

In other words, the header file doesn't want me to define POSIX compliant
source.  On the other hand, if I don't declare POSIX compliance, then the
gnu readline code doesn't work because (apparently) DIR doesn't get declared
properly in /usr/include/dirent.h

I'm just informed enough to suspect that there's an obvious solution to
this problem, but not enough so to spot what it is.  Any suggestions
would be most appreciated.

A S Hodel Dept Elect Eng 200 Broun Hall, Auburn Univ., AL 36849
(334) 844-1854/fax-1809

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