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europe/uk mirror of octave binaries?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: europe/uk mirror of octave binaries?
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 05:51:21 -0600

David J. C. MacKay <address@hidden> wrote:

: The transatlantic internet is no longer good enough to 
: get 2 Meg files. 
: Please could anyone tell me if there is a uk or european 
: site which has the octave binaries on it? 

You should be able to get the 1.1.1 sources from any GNU mirror site.
I've appended a list of some of them below.  A more complete list is
available from

or by fingering address@hidden

If you are planning to compile 1.1.1 with gcc 2.7.x, you will also
need the files

(they are not too big).

jwe (Western Canada) (Chile) (Brazil) (Australia) (Israel) (South Africa) (Germany) (Sweden) or (Sweden) (Sweden) (Netherlands) (Netherlands) (Finland) (Denmark) (Norway) or (Switzerland) or (France) (Ireland) (Europe) (Korea) (Thailand) or (Japan)

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