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Re: any new signal toolbox?

From: John Utz
Subject: Re: any new signal toolbox?
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 15:10:32 -0800 (PST)


On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Chaturapadh Nakavachara wrote:

> hello every one again :)
> I just download signal toolbox for octave 
> then i find it contain a lot of function not same as matlab's signal toolbox
> hmm... have you ever find function like
> "cheby1" or "zp2ss" etc..

they are not there. There are other filter design methods in that 
kit...kaiser comes to mind and yule-walker come to mind. U should look at 

> if you know any function in octave that compat with matlab signal toolbax
> function would you mind to tell me :)

        The signal processing toolbox in matlab represents some pretty 
state of the art stuff, IMHO. I have been making extensive use of it 
lately. I am sure an awful lot of time and money went into those m-files. 

        It would be nice, but it is not reasonable to assume, that Octave 
should have all of those nice tools.

        But somebody is going to have to write them. :-(

        And they cant steal them from matlab either.

        I am sure that somebody will write some someday. It might even 
be me. But it wont be real soon.

                U will probably need to continue to use matlab for those 
functions if they are required for your work, ie if this is for an 
undergraduate signal processing class.

        If u are just trying to make an iir filter with a specific 
specification then look at yule-walker. I just used the matlab version of 
yule walker in my undergraduate signal processing class assignment.

> thanks.....
> Chaturapadh Nakavachara
> address@hidden
> address@hidden

 John Utz       address@hidden
        idiocy is the impulse function in the convolution of life

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