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liboctave questions

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: liboctave questions
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 11:40:41 -0600

Andrew Smallbone <address@hidden> wrote:

: 1.    Although the Array is a templated class arrays of floats don't
: seem to work (the resize() method doesn't exist).  Should Arrays be
: able to work with other types?


: 2.    I'm using liboctave under Solaris and had problems linking
: (the f77 functions didn't have underscores added) until I manually set 
: `#define F77_FCN(f) f' should configure have worked this out
: automatically or is there an option?

Configure should have gotten this right.  If it does not work
correctly for you, please submit a complete bug report to
address@hidden  For this particular bug, it would be useful
to know what Fortran compiler you are using and what output it
produces when you run it with the -v option (assuming it has one -- if
it doesn't, is there an equivalent option?).

: 3.    I can't make liboctave and libcruft under linux.  configure
: complains It `couldn't find termios.h, termio.h, or sgtty.h!' even
: though they're in /usr/include.  Has any one got libraries or know of
: a site where precompiled versions exist?

It should work.  To debug this, you need to find out why configure
fails to find these header files on your system.  If you find that
there is a bug in Octave's configure script, please submit a complete
bug report to address@hidden

: 4.    The ansers probably no, but is there any more information
: about using liboctave apart from the info pages and header files?

Unfortunately, there isn't a manual for these classes yet.  I've got
limited time to work on that, and so far no one has volunteered to do

Apart from the header files, there is the source for the classes and
the examples of using them in the Octave interpreter.

: ps. I believe I successfully subscribed myself to this group but
: haven't seen any traffic, so would appreciate a direct copy of any
: replies to address@hidden

You are on the list.


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