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Re: Interleaving and Diary Questions

From: Martin Senator
Subject: Re: Interleaving and Diary Questions
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 15:20:20 -0400


   "This may not be exactly what you want, but it may help.  If you are
   putting all of your commands in a file to execute, you can do this,

     octave --echo-commands script-file"

Thanks.  This worked.  However, I still have a problem with diary.

        : 2)    The problem here is that I can't get 'diary' to work when the
        : subsequent commands come from a command file.

    "This is also the way Matlab appears to work."

I don't remember exactly how Matlab works.  I think I could turn on
the diary at the command prompt; then call the source-file; have an
'echo on' command at the top of the source-file and an echo-off at the
bottom (to get my interleaved output at the terminal); and then turn
the diary off at the command line prompt after the source-file runs.
In Matlab, this would give a diary-file with interleaved commands and
output and interleaved results at the terminal.

In Octave, however, when I run the 'octave --echo-commands
script-file' command with a diary on command as the first command in
the script file, a  zero-character diary file results.

Is there any way to get both interleaved output at the terminal
AND an interleaved diary file?

Or even to run a script file and get ONLY the diary-file output?


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