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Extra spaces in functions

From: Eyal Doron
Subject: Extra spaces in functions
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 11:44:40 +0100 (MET DST)

  On the subject of extra spaces screwing up .M files in
whitespace_in_literal_matrix = "traditional" mode, you might me
interested in the following:

 grep -n "\[.*zeros (" lib/octave/1.1.1/m/*/*.m


lib/octave/1.1.1/m/control/c2d.m:52:  matexp = expm ([[Ac, Bc] * T; zeros (nb, 
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/control/tzero.m:44:  b = [b, zeros (n, p-m)];
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/control/tzero.m:45:  d = [d, zeros (p, p-m)];
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/control/tzero.m:49:  c = [c; zeros (m-p, n)];
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/control/tzero.m:50:  d = [d; zeros (m-p, m)];
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/control/tzero.m:56:    bb = [eye (n), zeros (n, m); zeros 
(p, n), zeros (p, m)];
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/polynomial/conv.m:59:      x = [b, zeros (1, ly - lb)];
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/polynomial/conv.m:66:      x = [a, zeros (1, ly - la)];
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/polynomial/deconv.m:51:    b = filter (y, a, [1 zeros (1, ly 
- la)]);
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/polynomial/poly.m:48:  y = [1, zeros (1, n)];
lib/octave/1.1.1/m/polynomial/roots.m:52:       r = [r; zeros (n - f (m), 1)];

So, these 6 files have to be fixed.


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