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Re: fsolve --- books on numerical analysis

From: Martin Maechler
Subject: Re: fsolve --- books on numerical analysis
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 09:57:50 +0200

Ted Harding recommends
     Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
     by R W Hamming (McGraw-Hill, 1962, 1973)
   Numerical Recipes [FORTRAN] / Numerical Recipes in C // in PASCAL
   W H Press, B P Flannery, S A Teukolsky & W T Vetterling. (Cambridge U. Press)

The second book (which I know too) is really well written,
but experts warn you that the code / algorithms that come along it are
often/sometimes (?)  quite far from the  state-of-the-art.

>From the classes and lectures I've heard on numerical math,
I think there should be better books 
        "giving a big picture about numerical math".
I'd recommend asking in the newsgroup

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