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Re: image command help?!

From: Vinayak Dutt
Subject: Re: image command help?!
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 95 14:26:53 CDT

#If I have a simple 3x3 matrix called x, shouldn't I be able to
#get a grey scale image of it by simply doing a
#    image (x)
#Actually I have a 512x512 matrix, but I couldn't get the 3x3 to
#plot. Either I get a Segmentation fault or 

There was a typo in the script saveimage.m which should have been
corrected in the distribution. Check the line 80 of that file

it should be :

eval (['save -ascii ', oct_file, ' map X']);

 * vinayak dutt
 * ex-graduate student, ultrasound research
 * mayo graduate school, rochester mn
 * e-mail: address@hidden
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#include "disclaimer.h"

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