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multiplot printing needed!

From: John Beale
Subject: multiplot printing needed!
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 1995 15:34:44 PDT

I have been wishing for multiplot capability for awhile now, so I installed
Gnuplot 3.6 beta pl 212 and Vinyak Dutt's nice .m files to address the new
multiplot capability.  so far, so good...

now I'm hoping for some easy way to print things out? The old system of
resetting terminals, redirecting output, and replot(), then resetting
output/terminal again was bad enough, but at least I could write a print.m
routine to do it.  But it seems replot() does not "know" about several
plots per page. Are people really going back and replotting each subplot,
resetting all the titles, axis labels, etc. again when they want to print
their multiplots? Surely there is a better way?  thanks for any help,


John Beale   -------------------------  address@hidden

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