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Re: help with gnuplot

From: udina
Subject: Re: help with gnuplot
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 10:42:49 +0200 (METDST)

--The following example should sort of work, at least on an X display
--and a fast machine.  It doesn't actually generate a movie (like an
--MPEG file), it just displays a series of plots.  (I would certainly
--welcome changes for generating MPEG files if someone wants to do the

I can't give you details because I've never done it with Octave, but I
do it using Gnuplot from XLisp-Stat, and the procedure must also work
from Octave. This is the way I do it, it can be done other
ways, of course.

1) Write a program that display the frames using gnuplot
2) For each frame, set the output file to one of a numbered series of files
3) Set terminal to postscript
4) Run the program and get the files,, ...
5) Use convert or some other utility to convert the ps files to ppm
format or some other format supported by mpeg. This step can be done
together with the next one.
6) Write a script file for mpeg_encode and run it to get the movie.

mpeg_encode is a program from the people at berkeley that wrote and
mantain also mpeg_player.

Hope this helps

Frederic Udina
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