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Re: Octave/Simulink question

From: roger
Subject: Re: Octave/Simulink question
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 09:08:27 -0400

   A few weeks ago someone mentioned freely availble program which is
   to simulink what octave is to matlab. Can anyone remind me of its
   name (and ftp site), please ?

Do you mean Ptolemy?  From the comp.lsi.cad FAQ:

Ptolemy provides a highly flexible foundation for the specification,
simulation, and rapid prototyping of systems.  It is an object oriented
framework within which diverse models of computation can co-exist and
interact.  For example, using Ptolemy a data-flow system can be easily
connected to a hardware simulator which in turn may be connected to a
discrete-event system, etc.  Because of this, Ptolemy can be used to
model entire systems.

Ptolemy also has code generation capabilities.  From a flow graph
description, Ptolemy can generate C code and DSP assembly code for rapid
prototyping.  Ptolemy can also generate Silage and VHDL descriptions for
hardware synthesis.

Ptolemy has been used for a broad range of applications including signal
processing, telecomunications, parallel processing, wireless communica-
tions, network design, radio astronomy, real time systems, and
hardware/software co-design.  Ptolemy has also been used as a lab for
signal processing and communications courses.  Currently Ptolemy has hun-
dreds of users in over 100 sites, both in industry and academia.

Ptolemy is available for the Sun 4 (sparc), DecStation (MIPS), and HP
(HP-PA) architectures. Installing the system requires 90 Mbytes for
Ptolemy (more if you optionally remake).  Ptolemy also requires at least
8 Mbytes of physical memory.

Ptolemy is available via anonymous ftp at: This site contains the entire
Ptolemy distribution, a postscript version of the Ptolemy manual, and
several Ptolemy papers.

The bad news (for some of us poor engineers) is that there doesn't
seem to be a version for Linux or OS/2.

Roger Williams
Coelacanth Engineering  |  Numeric stability is probably not all
Middleborough, Mass     |  that important when you're guessing...

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