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Octave mesh plots using Plotmtv - again!

From: Ted Harding
Subject: Octave mesh plots using Plotmtv - again!
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 00:47:49 +0200 (BST)

Hi All ...

If you took an interest in the earlier posts about using Plotmtv,
you may have wondered what the command "write" was doing.

Its m-file is appended (it goes back to a long time before variable-
length argument lists were implemented ... a utility written for
MatLab vintage 1988, to be precise!)

Apologies again - time I spent a day taking the dogs for a long walk, maybe.
Ted.                                     (address@hidden)

------------------------------ write.m -------------------------------------
function write(file,fmt,x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7,x8,x9,x10)
#      write('filename','format',x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7,x8,x9,x10)
#      writes the data in the rows of matrices x1,x2,...
#      side-by-side into the rows of <filename> (APPEND mode).
#      'format' is a C f,e or g format (e.g.'%7.4f') for a single number.
#      'format' is mandatory, 'filename' is optional and, if omitted,
#      output is to the screen. If 'filename' exists the output is appended.
#      There must be at least one matrix argument x1, and at most 10.
#      The matrices x1, x2, ... are output side by side; all must have the
#      same number of rows.
s_temp = empty_list_elements_ok;
empty_list_elements_ok = "true";
if isstr(fmt), strargs=2; end
if strargs==1, FIL="stdout"; X=fmt; FMT=file; P=1;
  else X=[]; FMT=fmt; FIL=file; P=0; end

if (nargin-strargs)>P+0, X=[X x1]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+1, X=[X x2]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+2, X=[X x3]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+3, X=[X x4]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+4, X=[X x5]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+5, X=[X x6]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+6, X=[X x7]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+7, X=[X x8]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+8, X=[X x9]; end
if (nargin-strargs)>P+9, X=[X x10]; end
S=size(X); R=S(1); C=S(2);
for i=1:R
  for j=1:C
    fprintf(FIL,FMT,X(i,j)), fprintf(FIL,' '), end, fprintf(FIL,'\n')
if (strargs==2) fclose(FIL); end
empty_list_elements_ok = s_temp;

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