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Re: Stepping through structures

From: Vinayak Dutt
Subject: Re: Stepping through structures
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 10:37:18 CDT

John Eaton writes:
address@hidden (Ted Harding) wrote:
#: Is there any way to step through the members of an Octave structure,
#: other than by naming all the members explicitly?
#Not yet.  What kind of features would you like to see for this?
#I expect to at least have a way for you to get a list of the names
#(but doing that requires better string handling features) and a way to
#ask if a given name is a member of a given structure.

Yup. These two features: function to get a list of members and way to test
if given name is a memeber would be immensely useful.

On a side note, I was able to successfully compile octave 1.1.1 on SunOS 5.4
with gcc-2.6.3 and Sun Fortran 3.0.1.
Withe fix about not including the values-Xs.o file for linking as gcc includes
it on its own (I had mentioned that in my eariler post I think).

The binary is slightly larger on SunOS 5.4 compared to SunOS 4.1.3

 * vinayak dutt
 * graduate student, ultrasound research
 * mayo graduate school, rochester mn
 * e-mail: address@hidden
 *         address@hidden
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