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Re: erf, gamma etc

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: erf, gamma etc
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 95 09:53:25 EDT

address@hidden (Ted Harding) wrote:

: The functions erf, erfc, gamma, lgamma are (as has been pointed out
: already by Hans-Ulrich Menzebach for the gamma) "not available on this
: system" in Octave-1.1.1;

I assume that you are referring to the Linux binary that was
originally on  If so, the fact that those
functions were missing was a bug in the binary distribution.  It has
since been rebuilt and a new copy of the binary distribution is now
available.  Though I am unable to test it, it appears to have these
functions (HAVE_ERF, HAVE_ERFC, and HAVE_LGAMMA are all listed in the
octave-bug script as being defined).

If you need these functions with the Linux version of Octave, please
get a newer version of the binary distribution from



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