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From: niles
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 95 11:13:22 -0500

:I am trying to upgrade ovtave to version 1.1.1. But this new version
:needs gcc-2.6 for compilation. Since I only have gcc-2.5.8, I have to
:upgrade gcc as well. 


:Can anyone give me a suggestion how to upgrade gcc? 

The std. way is to grab the src from
Read the INSTALL file and follow the instructions.
You will also need to get libg++ from the same source.

:Or is it possible I can find the binary code for octave?
:I am using linux 1.1.57 in IBM-PC Compatible.

Yes, at you'll find binary
dist. of octave for most machines, including linux.  Try this first
as it will be much easier.  Also, this is not a std. linux, cd /,
then tar -xf installation.  You must simply unpack the archive and
type 'make install'  Again, read any INSTALL or READMEs first.

I'm running octave 1.1.1 on my Linux 486/66 right now so if you
have any problems let me know.  The main thing I'm worried about
is that you MAY have to also upgrade you runtime c-libs, but
let me know how it goes.

        Good Luck,
        Rick Niles.

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