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Re: problem with f77 and symbol names

From: Vinayak Dutt
Subject: Re: problem with f77 and symbol names
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 15:39:34 CST

#  I'm trying to compile Octave on Solaris 2.4 (using gcc/g++ 2.6.3,
#libg++-2.6.2 and Sun's f77 3.0.1).  The problem I'm running into is
#an old one, so I'm sure I'm doing something stupid.  :-)  The problem
#is that "f77" adds an "_" to subroutine names (i.e., "ddot" becomes
#"ddot_") -- needless to say, the linker doesn't find "ddot" then.  I
#can create an include file redefining all of the routines, but I'm
#hoping there's an easier way.
#  To make up for this stupid question, I'd be willing to provide
#binaries for Solaris 2.4 if there's any interest.
#...dave alden

If your configuration goes ok, then it should define F77_UNDERSCORE_APPEND=1 
would take care of _ prefix. For some reasons did not emit that 
statement while your were configuring your setup ? Try configuring (run 
configure) again
and check if -DF77_UNDERSCORE_APPEND=1 is added to your Makeconf before you
compile Octave again. 

 * vinayak dutt
 * graduate student, ultrasound research
 * mayo graduate school, rochester mn
 * e-mail: address@hidden
 *         address@hidden
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