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From: Rolf Schirmacher
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 16:36 MET

To: address@hidden
Subject: european mirror ?

Hello everybody,

as I have difficulties to reach (no reaction or
turn around times of more than 10 seconds when ping'ing) and the
octave versions that can be found on the "canonical" linux mirrors are
rather old (0.7 or 1.0) I wonder whether there is any mirror site in
europe. I think it would be useful to have one as many octave users
come from this side of the atlantic.

Any ideas? Any offers?


Rolf Schirmacher                        Tel.    +49 551 39 7733
III. Physikalisches Institut            e-mail  address@hidden
Universit"at G"ottingen                         address@hidden
B"urgerstra"se 42 - 44                          address@hidden
D - 37073 G"ottingen

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