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Re: OS2 version of octave

Subject: Re: OS2 version of octave
Date: 25 Oct 94 15:13:03+0000

> Date sent:      23 Oct 94 15:33:07-0700
> From:           Steve Warwick <address@hidden>
> Subject:        OS2 version of octave
> To:             address@hidden

> Are there others like myself who would like to see an OS/2
> port of octave?  or, better yet, have performed such a port?
> I'd be interested in opinions on the difficulty  - 
> Ive seen some discussion of dynamically loaded functions, which 
> would be a big hit in the OS/2 would too!
> thanks
> steven warwick
> address@hidden
I am performing a port to DOS, OS/2, using emx+gcc. After some 
initial difficulties, I made big progress replacing the info library 
with the OS2 port of gnuinfo of K.U. Rommel and the OS2 
implementation of readline in E. Mattes GDB.
I built a very simple pager inside Octave itself.
I need the thing to be working in DOS for our class labs, so I set 
aside the DLL for the time beeing, compiling a single monster of more 
than 2Mb of exe file.
I still have to implement the shell utilities and the piping to 
GNUPLOT. It would be easy in OS2 only, but for DOS compatibility, 
I need to build a temporary file and then execute GNUPLOT.
By the way, I'm still hesitant on when to trigger GNUPLOT. I guess 
that the easier would be to do it on replot only , but that gives a 
different meaning to this command.
I could post a binary executable by the end of the week, if you are 
interested in being guinea pigs. To put together a distribution file 
and document the changes would take me quite a bit more time.
Let me know what you think. I open to any form of collaboration on 
this project

Michel Juillard

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