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Re: extensions to Octave.

From: Tony Richardson
Subject: Re: extensions to Octave.
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 09:33:02 pdt

I've started work on an image processing toolbox.  Right now it will
display images (in monochrome or color) and it handles conversions
between indexed, intensity, and RGB images.

It will only run under UNIX and X windows and it requires the xv or
xloadimage programs for display.

All the routines are either m-files or C programs invoked via shell_cmd
so it is fairly easy to add this package to an existing octave
installation, i.e. there is no need to re-compile octave.

The interface to the package is similar to Matlab's image processing
toolbox.  I've implemented the following routines: image, imagesc,
imshow, colormap, gray2ind, ind2gray, ind2rgb, ntsc2rgb, rgb2ind,
rgb2ntsc, loadimage, and saveimage (plus a few colormaps).

I've got one more major routine to write before a public release
(a C program that allows a user to load a pbm|pgm|ppm image into
octave).  I'm in the process of moving and looking for a new job
(I'm following my wife to Akron, Ohio), so the public release is
at least a month away.

It's very usuable in it's current form though and I am willing to release
the code to interested parties.  By my definition, interested parties
are those who are willing to write additional m-files and contribute
them to the package. (The whole thing will be released under the GNU
copyright and I hope that it will eventually find its way into the
octave distribution.)  Some of the missing m-files are very simple,
but time-consuming for one person to write (colormap routines are a
good example).

Tony Richardson

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