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Re: Octave-1.0 on IRIX 5.2?

From: L Jonas Olsson
Subject: Re: Octave-1.0 on IRIX 5.2?
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 20:56:47 -0400

 The compiled octave, using Sam's gcc fixes, seems to work fine. The
only problem is that it seg-faults in clean_up_and_exit in the exit()
routine. This occurs after typing the "quit" command. This seems to be
due to calling cleanup_tmp_files() from exit(), via the atexit()
command. If I remove the atexit call it shuts down nicely.


PS Is cleanup_tmp_files called twice? I don't have sources here, I think
it was perhaps called from clean_up_and_exit also.

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