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Re: Use of Octave

From: John C. Campbell
Subject: Re: Use of Octave
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 94 16:24:29 CST

| I do have a question about managing mfiles.  I have several
| MATLAB mfiles that I have moved over and want to use with
| OCTAVE.  Is there an "environment variable" or such that will
| tell OCTAVE where to look for these files.  I would rather
| keep my various mfiles in their own subdirectories instead
| of crowding all into one.

Octave uses the variable LOADPATH to determine where to look for
script files and m-files.  Octave always looks in the current
directory for files and you can move around within Octave to change
the current directory.  My solution to having some permanent personal
libraries is to have a .octaverc file with the following line:

LOADPATH = [LOADPATH ":/usr/local/database/octave:/home/u3/jcc/octave"];

This command is run every time I start Octave.  This keeps the current
value of LOADPATH that has the standard octave libraries path.


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