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From: Larry Rosen
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 93 17:24:30 -0500

Hi. I've just sucessfully compiled and installed octave-0.79 on an SGI
240 GTX machine without running into any trouble.  The SGI machine is
running IRIX 4.0.4 and has gcc-2.3.3 installed.
        However, I've not been as successful trying to get the same
version of Octave running on an SGI Onyx class machine running IRIX  This machine has gcc-2.5.4 installed on it. I ran
./configure in both instances without any additional flags before
using gnumake 3.6.3.  I'm including an edited gnumake listing below in hopes
that someone may spot the problem that stops the compilation in the
src directory.  Thanks.

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