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Trying to install octave on Sparc-10 4.1.3

From: James Preston
Subject: Trying to install octave on Sparc-10 4.1.3
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1993 10:04:22 -0500

I am a long-time MatLab user and am interested in octave, but I am
having quite a bit of trouble instaling it here. 
I am using gcc-2.5.0, and I am not sure if the changes between this
gcc and the last gcc that octave was compiled with are causing the problems.

        Can't tell if I should be using a long or an int for time_t;
        when octave tries to link, it cannot find some IO functions
        or ___z_sqrt and a couple of other complex-type funcs.
        I have poked around looking for where these funcs were
        referenced and haven't found it yet.

        also, octave occasionally includes strings.h, but I don't
        believe there is a strings.h in the later gcc versions.
        everything seems to be in string.h, so including the system
        version confuses things.

maybe I am just in need of a patch , does anyone know??


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