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Loading ASCII files

From: Tsung-lung Li
Subject: Loading ASCII files
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 02:52:34 -0700


I have just downloaded Octave 0.76 and installed it on my 486 running Linux.

On our system at school, we have matlab, which I mainly use to take a quick
look at the data generated my simulation programs.  I am trying to install
Octave on my 486 at home just to do similar stuff as matlab does at school.

Hence, I simply like to load an ASCII data file and plot it.  The data input
routines are not documented clearly enough for me.  I experimented with the
commands.  The load command does not seem to recognize ASCII files as matlab
does.  So I turned to the C-style I/O.  But, it still does not work.
The followings are an example of what I got.

octave:1> in = fopen( "t.dat", "r")
in = 3
octave:2> g = fscanf( in, "%f %e %e %e %e %e %e" )
fscanf: not enough arguments
g = -4

Can some one give me an example on how to load an ASCII file?

Thank you in advance.


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