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sum(null matrix) becomes null matrix not zero

From: che6yoh
Subject: sum(null matrix) becomes null matrix not zero
Date: Fri, 28 May 93 19:32:50 BST

I am sorry to answer late.

  >: I expected b became zero like MATLAB.
  >I didn't know that Matlab returned 0.  Are you sure that's not a bug
  >in Matlab?
  >Are there very many places where this is really useful?
In MATLAB Identification Toolbox, it is used very often.
I could understand that sum([])=[] was better than sum([])=0.
It is not neccessary for me to get 0 as the result of sum([]).

ABS('string') and SETSTR(vector) is used to contain many system
parameters into one matrix in MATALB Toolboxes.
The type of a model is expressed in a string.
It is contained in a parameter matrix using ASCII codes.
I wanted to use many results of MATLAB in octave.
Are there many toolboxes which are still freeware and can be used
in octave?

Yoshihiro Hashimoto
Dept. of Systems Eng., Nagoya Inst. of Tech.
[Now]Dept. of Chem. Eng., The Univ. of Leeds
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