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Why doesn't the command "set function style lines" work?

From: che6yoh
Subject: Why doesn't the command "set function style lines" work?
Date: Tue, 18 May 93 18:49:51 BST

Dear Sirs,

This is the first time for me to send a mail to yhis address.
I installed octave-0.71.1 by using gcc-2.3.3 recently.
I am using gnuplot(unix version 3.2 NH).

When I use gnuplot without octave,
the command "set function style something" works completely.
But, when I use the command in octave, it doesn't work.
The style isn't change from "points".
When the command is entered, octave doesn't display 
any messages.
"set title something" works even in octave.
"gplot tmp with lines" also works.

Was my installation of octave wrong?

I will appreciate your help very much.

Yoshihiro Hashimoto
Dept. of Systems Eng., 
Nagoya Inst. of Tech.
Nagoya 466 Japan
I am staying in Leeds, U.K. until 12th July.
If you send me a mail to the address in Japan,
it will be sent to Leeds automatically.

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