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Porting Octave to Linux

From: GateKeeper for Dimension X
Subject: Porting Octave to Linux
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 93 11:34:21 -0400

Hello there-

I am trying to port Octave to the Linux OS for PC's
(mine is a 386dx-40).  I currently have gcc version
2.3.3 installed.  Almost all of the code for Octave
compiled on the first pass,  but I have encountered
one problem in which I cannot solve.  The /src file refuses to compile properly- it returns
the following error:

./ initialization between incompatible pointer types
make: *** [builtins.o] Error 1

This error appears to be associated with the assignment
of the following structure declaration:

static builtin_mapper_functions mapper_functions[] =

Any help on fixing this would be greatly appreciated.


-Jim Farrell

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