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link local addresses - possible routing bug?

From: Jonathan Proulx
Subject: link local addresses - possible routing bug?
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 22:15:07 -0400

Hi All,

It seems hurd is sending link local traffic (169.254/16) to it's
default gateway in violation of RFC 3927.

Since I have less than a day's experience with Hurd it's possible
(likely?) I flubbed the config somehow, so asking here rather than
going direct to bug report.

I'm working with the Debian/Hurd qemu image and the extent of my
network config has been:

dhclient /dev/eth0

(I'm running under open stack which puts some metadata I'd like to get
to on a web server at I can live without it but
I'd like to be able to get at it...)


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