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Status of DDE and e1000e driver

From: Johan Svensson
Subject: Status of DDE and e1000e driver
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 13:15:01 +0100
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I'm a new user of GNU/Hurd and this is my first mail to this list. In case
this is wrong forum for my question I want to beg for apology.

I have installed GNU/Hurd (the Debian distribution) natively on my ThinkPad
T60p. All is working well, save the network interface. It is an Intel
10/100/1000 interface on the PCI Express bus. It is supported in Linux
using the e1000e driver.

Will it be possible at all to make this work with Hurd, via the DDE
project? Is the DDE project maintained and actively developed? Can I
provide details about the hardware to help the development?

I am a fairly experienced GNU/Linux user with some C programming skills,
though not yet on kernel level.

Happy GNU Year,

Johan Svensson (a.k.a Johey)
Stockholm / Sweden

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