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Re: Mentor?

From: Tyler Earman
Subject: Re: Mentor?
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 10:10:47 -0500


On Sun, 03 Apr 2011 21:50:12 -0500, Tyler Earman <> wrote:
> Unfortunately I've gone into the corporate world so I can't have the fun
> of the GSoC project anymore, but I'm still interested in helping out and
> doing some work on the GNU/Hurd.


> I've not worked on kernels before and I'd like to move into working on
> it while learning the important information that I need to know to do
> so; so would one of you gentlemen (or ladies) be willing to act as a

Heh, I've never seens any ladies over here, I think.'

I was hoping I might've gotten lucky :)

> mentor for me to start working on the project when I can?
> What I'd like is someone who can initially point me in the right
> direction for books/information I need to read, then help out as I start
> coding on the project, providing feedback as necessary.

Olaf, what do you think; should he just do a project parallel to GSoC?
That is, pick one of the projects from
<>?  Or
are these too big (how much time can you roughly invest in this?);

I don't have as much per-week time to dedicate to a project, but I can dedicate longer stretches of time, I intend to be working into this stuff over the next few years
we could find something smaller.  Tyler, please start with reading
<>, and the GSoC
application suggestions,
may be worth reading too, even though most of that won't be directly
applicable in your case, but it should help you find a topic.

Maybe I'm dreaming of grandeur, but rewriting the TCP/IP stack is looking like an interesting project.  I'll have to do a lot to build up to that point but I'm interested in working on that aspect of it from what's stated on the GSOC project page.


Another popular starter's project, after getting a GNU/Hurd system going,
would be making your favorite Debian package (or Arch Hurd package, of
course) build, if it doesn't already.

I'll get started on that soon.


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