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Gnu hurd installation nativ-install fails.

From: Enaut Waldmeier
Subject: Gnu hurd installation nativ-install fails.
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 18:38:25 +0100

for quite a while now I want to install hurd on my computer. First I tried it on my Desktop but unfortunately it has only sata hds. So next step: install it on a laptop (dell c400).
I managed the crosshurd, and the grub2 (which is not so easy from ubuntu).

but there are two things that I can't get to work:
first of all, where is the -s option (for singleusermode) to be placed to run actually in singleusermode? For now I booted only the first time into singleuser afterwards into multiuser. Where I can't log in. because I have no passwd.
second, the native-install script fails. it says something like "initscripts can't be configured because of a missing dependency".
oh and third: when I try to run passwd to change the root passwd that doesn't work either. something about pal_deamon not running.

hope those problems can be fixed since I really want to explore the hurd.
best FD

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