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Re: Hurd features (continued)

From: Shams
Subject: Re: Hurd features (continued)
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 19:55:33 +1300


Yes I read up later on Reiser3/4 and its bads.

And good news is that ext4 is now included into the Linux 2.6.* kernel.

Do you know:
1. With ext2 for Hurd what is the minimum and maximum partition size that
Hurd can make use of or is restricted to? I know ext2 supports a max of 2 

I mean for my Hurd installations is there a guide for hardware/software 
guide somewhere?

2. In the MBR the partition type for ext2 is partition type 0x83, do you
know what this is for the Guid Partition Table (GPT)? Is the Hurd 
types shared with the ones for Linux and is this I think going to happen for 
time to come?

3. I assume that if I want to develop Mach/Hurd and related translators etc, 
I will have
to do this on Linux first and then create an ISO image to install into the 
partition? Is there a guide for this somewhere?

4. Are you actively involved in developing for Hurd at the moment?



<> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 12:11:57PM +1300, Shams wrote:
>> Regarding metadata: I mean in the filesystem. Currently ext2 is used
>> as the default filesystem for Hurd. Now if you have a look at Reiser4
>> (or similar) then it has the possibility of assigning attributes (key
>> - value pairs) to a file or directory.
> This is called "extended attributes" (xattr), and works for ext2 as well
> AFAIK. (The Hurd implementation doesn't support it, though...)
>> Linux for example has moved
>> >from ext2 as being the default fs a long time ago and now uses ext3
>> >as the
>> default filesystem.
> Which, as you may know, is almost identical to ext2 but for the
> journalling.
>> Also Reiser3 has been merged into the mainstream kernel too and I
>> think Reiser4 will be a likely candidate in the near future to be
>> merged into mainstream too.
> Actually, it doesn't look that well for Reiser4. Reiser3 is practically
> unmaintained, and will probably drop out of the standard kernel soon.
> (SuSE, which was the only major distributor pushing it, already switched
> to ext3.) The Linux developers for this and other reasons are thus very
> scpetical about accepting any new Reiserfs version.
>> So what progress have or are we making to use something like ext3,
>> Reiser3, Reiser4 or XFS or similar in Hurd as the default filesystem?
> Nobody is currently working on it. ext3/ext4 would be nice (though not
> too high priority I'd say).
> Other FSes are rather uninteresting -- too much trouble for the little
> advantages they offer. And in the long run, we problably need a native
> Hurd filesystem to make good use of hurdish features anyways...
> -antrik- 

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