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Hurd and Unix/Linux and Plan9 features

From: Shams
Subject: Hurd and Unix/Linux and Plan9 features
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 12:34:16 +1300


1. Will hurd still retain the symbolic link and hard link concept of 
* Also will it support hard links for directories?
* Can tranlators be symbolic linked or hard linked?
* Currently in *Nix one has to use the find command to find a list of all
symbolic links and hard links. I am wondering if this will be made much more
easier in hurd?

2. Will it support the Linux LVM concept?

3. Also what features does Hurd borrow or enhance from the Plan 9 OS.
I mean for example Plan 9 abstracts everything as files. Will/does Hurd
support such concept (its sees everthing as files) or is this just 
by existing or writing custom translators?

Also Debian/Philip thanks for releasing the K14 cd's.


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