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From: German Fabregat
Subject: Unstability
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 10:46:56 +0100
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Dear all.

I have the HURD installed and working -more or less- for a couple of weeks. In addition to some other minor problems -Xwindow does not work, DHCP still not configured...- the system shows a certain degree of unstability. It hangs, not very often but it does. And worse than anything, I am now trying to recompile the OS to test a modified keyboard server for the spanish layout, and now it hangs always without arriving to the end of the compiling. The system reports a kind of wrong address for the device hd0S7 when starting, but no other complain. And also sometimes, when hanging up during compiling, the message "I/O error. Device 02:00" -or something similar- is displayed.

I plan to reinstall the system afther all these essays, but any help about what is happening will be welcome.

        Tnahk you very much.
        Germán Fabregat.

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