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Missing files in gnumach?

From: Soren Jonsson
Subject: Missing files in gnumach?
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 13:28:19 +0100
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I'm trying to compile mig, in order to examine the installation problem on AMD64 processors. I have mounted the hurd partition on /media/hda3, so this is the explaination for the pathes.

I'm trying to compile the first file with the command:
gcc -I/media/hda3/src/gnumach/include -S -x c -o cpu.symo cpu.symc

The -I flag for gcc is there to tell gcc where to look for include files, for anyone who don't recognise it.

When I try this I get the following error message:
In file included from /media/hda3/src/gnumach/include/mach/message.h:39,
                from cpu.symc:1:
/media/hda3/src/gnumach/include/mach/kern_return.h:41:38: error: mach/machine/kern_return.h: No such file or directory
In file included from /media/hda3/src/gnumach/include/mach/port.h:42,
                from /media/hda3/src/gnumach/include/mach/message.h:40,
                from cpu.symc:1:
/media/hda3/src/gnumach/include/mach/boolean.h:41:34: error: mach/machine/boolean.h: No such file or directory

Obviously the compiler is looking for a file named <mach/machine/boolean.h>, and don't find it. Neither can I find it, or any directory called machne in the mach directory.

I have downloaded mach (and mig) yesterday from savanah, with the command:
cvs co -r gnumach-1-branch gnumach
so it should be current.

Does anybody have the time to take a look at this problem?


Sören Jonsson

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