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Re: eepro100 detection fail? (and a success story :-))

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: eepro100 detection fail? (and a success story :-))
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 12:36:29 +0200
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arief# <> writes:

> And Marco, thanks for your suggestion, but I don't know how to move to
> another PCI slot in a thinkpad laptop, yet... ;-)


> I even try to hardcode IRQ and PCI address of the card directly in
> eepro100.c (in eepro100_init function), I'm not sure I did that
> correctly, but that also did not work. Anybody knows how to do that
> correctly?

IIRC eepro100.c need to contain the vendor and device ID showed by
lspci (or cat /proc/pci).  If they are not there you could try a newer
linux 2.0 driver, Alfred's patch to update the driver or have a look
at a linux 2.[46] driver that works.

> Any other advice?
> Or could someone show me the way to Oskit-mach sources without the need
> of CVS (my office proxy don't allow CVS access) ?

You only need the ssh port.


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