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SSHD on gnu/hurd

From: Henrik Thostrup Jensen
Subject: SSHD on gnu/hurd
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 21:49:57 +0200

Hi there

I'm trying to get the sshd daemon to work on my newly installed gnu/hurd
box. The client works fine, and I can do "ssh hurd "echo hello" and it
works, but at "ssh hurd" it fails with the message:

Connection to hurd closed by remote host.
Connection to hurd closed.

Apperently i'm not the only one who had this problem[1], but since the
thread is somewhat old, I'll ask again.

Oh yearh.. does gnu/hurd have a problem with partitions created by
cfdisk? My initial partition was created with cfdisk and it complained
that it could not map the disk (the partition was below 1 gig, but it
was the same error). When installed on a partition created with fdisk it
played along nicely.


        Best regards, Henrik

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